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NEO 2.5 Insert

Transforms an energy-wasting fireplace into a cost-saving source of heat, without sacrificing the comfort and appeal of the home fire. Accommodating existing masonry fireplaces, the Neo 2.5 insert has Pacific Energy’s trusted overbuilt steel construction, including a smooth opening cast iron door, boost air for easy lighting and a one-lever air control for simple operation and maximum burning efficiency. With all the features of the Neo 1.6 in a larger, higher-output format, the Neo 2.5 inserts deliver exceptional performance and durability.

NEO 2.5 Insert


Heat Output Cord Wood (BTU)80,000 BTU
Heat Output EPA (BTU)32,600 BTU
Efficiency81 %
Emissions2.9 g/hr
Firebox Size2.5 cu.ft.
Log Size (recommended)18 in.
Log Size (max.)19 in.
Burn Time (max.)9 hrs.

Wood Surrounds

contemporary stainless steel
contemporary black


EPA Certified
Reliable, durable non-catalytic technology
Air wash system for super clean ceramic glass
High-tech multi-port combustion air injection system
Inside and outside combustion air capable
Floating firebox for extended stove life
Rich Metallic Black finish
304 Stainless Steel baffle, insulation cover, rails and flame shield
Boost air for easy lighting
Extended Burn Technology (EBT)
Two 80 cfm temperature actuated variable speed blower/s
Single-Lever Air Control
Integrated Heat Exchanger
East-West loading
Removable flue collar for ease of installation


Contemporary Surround in Metallic Black or Stainless Steel
Oversize Surround

DIMENSIONS click to enlarge

Surround Height28.25
Surround Width40
Oversize Surround Height32
Oversize Surround Width48


Min. Fireplace Opening Front Width34
Min. Fireplace Opening Front Height22
Min. Fireplace Opening Depth20