Pacific Energy Wood Stoves & Inserts FAQ


The efficiency on my stove in the brochure says 80.7% but the tag that came with it says much less. Why?

  • The north American efficiency numbers are generic based on emissions, the higher efficiency is based on the European calculation using our existing test data. It is much more accurate.

What is the best way to clean my glass?

  • Cleaning glass is best done in 3 stages. 
  1. Just allow the normal burn cycle to clear the glass a Low burn will create some soot build up in the corners and is considered normal.
  2. Damp paper towel dipped in ash from the stove is a mild cleaner.
  3. Hearth store retailers carry commercial woodstove glass cleaner.
  • Do not use oven cleaner or abrasives, they will etch and permanently mark the glass.

What is the right stove for my house?

  • Many factors must be considered when choosing a stove, square footage, ceiling height, insulation, windows, burn time requirements, chimney size and length and many others. Have a professional Pacific Energy retailer evaluate your situation and help you choose the right product.

I’m confused about hearth pads.

  • Hearth pads must fulfill the requirements of local and national standards for heat and ember protection. We provide the basic guidelines in the manual and brochure, if you have further questions contact your local Pacific Energy retailer or inspector.

I have this angled piece with holes in it, what is it.

  • Likely it is the manifold from the bottom of the stove, it fits in just behind the bottom of the door frame with holes facing the back of the stove.

What thickness is the steel on the stoves?

  • We use many different types of material and thickness varying between 3/8” plate steel to 12 gauge stainless steel

What kind of maintenance do I need to do?

  • Maintenance will vary depending on use, fuel quality, chimney size and length and several other factors. Make sure to regularly replace gaskets or broken bricks, visually inspects interior for signs of abnormal wear and have your dealer clean and inspect the stove annually. Discuss a chimney maintenance schedule with your Pacific Energy retailer or sweep.

What about burning artifical logs that I see on TV?

  • Your stove is designed and warranted to burn regular cord wood only. Burning of manufactured fuels, building materials or garbage will damage your stove and void your warranty.

Should I use a flue damper?

  • Flue dampers can be considered in situation with excessive draft, consult with your local pacific energy Dealer before making any modifications.

Outside air, do I need it?

  • Outside air is recommended when possible as it helps with combustion air. In colder climates this is not always practical but the stove will not perform well in a negative pressure environment.
  • There is many solutions to help with negative pressure in the home, consult with your local Pacific energy Retailer.

What is the clearance to a non-combustible surface?

  • There is no required to test to non combustible materials and therefore we have no data to share.

My glass broke, how could that happen? And, what is thermal breakage?

  • During the first few fires the door or clamps may put excessive pressure on the glass causing breakage. After that period the vast majority of breakage is caused by impact or pressure from closing the door on a piece of wood.
  • The stove cannot produce the temperatures required to damage the ceramic glass from temperature.

Can I run my insert without the blower?

  • Yes, all woodstoves must be safety tested without power.

How long do firebrick last?

  • Firebrick are more prone to damage from impact than temperature. They will need to be replaced periodically as they are damaged or deteriorate.


A few facts about out Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Prior to September 1, 1996, Pacific Energy offered a 5 Year Coverage on all wood stoves and inserts.
  • Our Limited Lifetime Warranty is valid on wood stoves and inserts purchased after September 1, 1996.
  • After July 1, 2004, Pacific Energy’s Limited Lifetime Warranty was extended to include Baffles on all wood stoves and inserts.